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TENDER NOTICE No. UGVCL/Project/Tender /WDD/71


 Purchase Requisition No:  355439   RFQ. No:   48961            N-Procure consolidate Details


Amendment -1



Sr No

Particulars of Tender

Clause & Page No

Particulars of Tender Clause

Particulars of amended Clause (Modified/Added/replaced)


General terms
& Conditions

9 & (16-17 of 69)

Security                   Deposit/
Performance Guarantee

Security Deposit for the Watch Dog device shall be applicable 5% of the
Contract Value i.e. on End
Cost in the form of Demand   Draft / Bank Guarantee to cover execution period and 5% of the Contract Value i.e. on End Cost in the form of
Demand Draft / Bank Guarantee to cover the Guarantee / Warrantee


General terms
& Conditions

19& (20-21 of 69)

Repeat/Additional Order Clause No:19.2: The
Company reserve the right to place repeat orders / additional orders on the successful Tenderers up to
25% of the original quantity of the A/T at the same Prices, Terms and Conditions stipulated in the original contract within completion of contractual period.

The repeat/Additional Order shall be given to the successful tenderers up to 100% of the original quantity of the A/T at the same Prices,
Terms and Conditions stipulated in the original contract within completion of contractual period as mutually agreed upon. 


General terms
& Conditions
New ScheduleA

20 and 21 &
(21-22 of

Delivery Schedule of the Company and Delivery Period: The metering
Console shall be supplied Within (04) four months on equal monthly basis after commencement period of 45 days from the date of receipt of Letter of

The successful bidder/s of Watch Dog Devices shall initially supply 25% of the order quantity within one month after completion of commencement period. The remaining quantity shall be procured and supplied as per the project requirement. The detailed dispatch instruction shall be given to the bidder/s periodically during the period of nine months.


General terms & Conditions and 
New ScheduleA

48 & (30 of

Audit Inspection and addition in Clause No:48 in Schedule-A monetary penalty of 3% OR 6% or 10%  of the ex-works value of the lot for the respective failure in audit inspection

 Penalty for failure in audit inspection of 3% OR 6% OR 10% respectively shall be on end cost of the lot plus applicable GST.


General terms
& Conditions

31 & (26 of

Type Test: All the necessary Type tests will have to be carried out before submission of the tender and to be submitted along with EMD Cover Documents as per clause no.: 8 of this commercial terms and

 All the necessary type test reports shall be submitted during the commencement period before the Final PoC by the successful Bidder/s.


General terms
& Conditions

6 & (12 of

Sample Submission: The sample/s as per requirement of the tendered technical specification/ Schedule-A of tender must be submitted during working day only and not later than 18.00 hrs. of date of physical submission of

Bidders are allowed to bring the Samples for Provisional PoC instead of submission of sample with Bid.


New Schedule-

(1 of 14)

Bidder Qualifying Criteria

The Consortium between the firms shall be allowed. Lead partner shall be allowed to bid for the tender. Lead partner shall be responsible for Service against
Guarantee/Warrantee of the product as per the tender terms and conditions.  At the time of bidding, the lead agency i.e. the bidder shall have to submit MoUs (Formate-1 & 2) of the Consortium members. However, Legal valid documents of the Consortium shall be required to submit at the time of execution of the agreement after issuing Letter of Acceptance (LoA) if required.



9(k) (viii) (12 of 30)

  For      measurement      of
energy meter parameters  “ Tamper data with date
and time”

Requirement for measurement of Tamper data with date & time is deleted. 



(18-19 of

The box should have a window with glass and Hardware used for fixing window glass, hinges and particle board shall be concealed and nonremovable from outside.

The window Glass is not required in SMC component of Watch Dog Device which to be provided on individual consumer service.



17&18 (20-
21 of 30)

Minimum            Technical
Facilities at the supplier’s work and Acceptance and
Routine Test

All logical tests of the WDD shall be carried out at manufacturer’s works and load test of the device shall be carried out at the Transformer Repairing Agencies defined by the DISCOM.



1.0 (1 of 30)

Scope of Supply and Work

 There shall be provision in the WDD to have the approachable slot with least dimensions for the requirement of access to the SIM card and Ethernet port. This slot shall be covered by enclosure with lock and sealing facility maintaining the IP54.




Secure WIFI

The authentication for WiFi
Communication with IoT Gateway shall be with HTTPS protocol.





 In case of GPRS communication failure due to unavailability of GPRS network in the field then bidder shall confirm the communication with GSM network with the same SIM till the GPRS connectivity is re-established.


General Terms
& Condition


80% of F.O.R. destination price and 100% GST and Cess applicable, from the date of receipt of material [as mentioned in Truck Receipt (TRC)] within 30 (Thirty) days on verifying required documents as per A/T conditions and balance 20% of F.O.R. destination price within 45 days (Forty Five) on receipt of store receipt (SR) note from consignee. 

80% of F.O.R. destination price and 100% GST and Cess applicable, from the date of receipt of material [as mentioned in Truck Receipt (TRC)] within 30 (Thirty) days on verifying required documents as per A/T conditions and balance 20% of F.O.R. destination price within     45 days     (Forty
Five) from successful commissioning / testing or 90 days from date of supply whichever is earlier.



Schedule-B (Price Bid format)

As up loaded

Revised Schedule-B 



The Chief Engineer (P&P) invites On line Tenders for the purchase of following item/s. Tender Papers & Specifications may be down loaded from Web site https://ugvcl.nprocure.com  (For view, down load and on line submission) and UGVCL web site www.ugvcl.com (For view & down load only). Tender fee may be paid along with submission of tender in EMD cover, for respective tender. “All the relevant documents of tenders to be submitted physically will be received only by Registered Post A.D. or Speed Post super scribing tender cover by UGVCL/Project/Tender/WDD/71 addressed to The Chief Engineer (P&P), UTTAR GUJARAT VIJ COMPANY LTD., Corporate Office, Visnagar Road, Mehsana : 384 001 (NG)“NO COURIER SERVICE OR HAND DELIVERY” will be allowed. 



Qualifying criteria of bidder:

     i.      As being a newly designed item, Clause No.1 for vender registration of Commercial Terms and Conditions of the metering console shall not be applicable.


   ii.      The bidder should have successfully Supplied, Erected, Tested and Commissioned 1000 Nos of IoT based monitoring systems with its successful monitoring since last one year or should successfully be monitoring minimum 100 MW solar plants using IoT device.


 iii.      In case the bidder is an incorporated Indian Joint Venture company registered in India and incorporated under company’s act 1956 and any amendments there under; then the technical as well as financial experience criteria should be meet as under.

a)      The Joint Venture Company should meet the experience criteria by itself. OR

b)     The technical as well as financial qualification of the individual Joint Venture Partner (who can either an Indian OR a foreign company) can be considered only if the Joint Venture Partner is having a stake of at least 26% in the Joint Venture Company.


 iv.      Average financial turnover of last 3 years should be minimum 5 crore/ year. 







Tender No.



Tender Item

Supply of Watch Dog Device for fixing the same on DISCOM’s Distribution Transformer laying in the DISCOM’s agency workshop and testing of the Watch Dog Transformer.



10000  Nos


Estimated Cost



Tender Fees (Non Refundable)

Rs.10,000/-+ Rs.1800/-(18% GST)= Rs.11800/-


Earnest Money Deposit Amount  in Rs.

For  MSME Rs.

For non MSME Rs.

4.25 Lacs

11.00 Lacs


Pre-bid meeting

11.06.2018,   15.00 Hrs

 Conference Room, VIP Guest House,

Gandhinagar Thermal Power Station


Online Preliminary, Technical & Price bid i.e. On line(e-tendering) tender/offer  submission last date (This is mandatory)

18.06.2018 up to 18.00 Hrs


Relevant documents (By Registered Post A.D. or Speed Post only) and sample Physically submission date.

On or before   20.06.2018 up to 18.00 Hrs


Date of opening of Tender Fee & EMD Cover Documents Physical as well as online

21.06.2018  11.00  Hrs


Date of opening of Technical Bid Physical as well as online

21.06.2018  14.00  Hrs


Date of POC

 26.06.2018 to 27.06.2018


Date of On line Opening of Price Bid (Tentative, if possible)

29.06.2018  11.00 Hrs




(a)   IPR of WDT is with Gujarat Power research and Development (GPRD) Cell, GUVNL. There shall be a deemed license to manufacture/use a concept for supply of WDD/WDT against the supply order placed by GUVNL or its subsidiaries. The manufacturers who are meeting the tender qualifying criteria shall be qualified for bidding.


(b)   All the relevant documents as per requirement of the Tender also to be submitted physically along with the Tender Fee, EMD cover  in sealed cover on OR before due date and time. All such documents should be strictly submitted by RPAD/speed post only. Otherwise the offer will not be considered and no any further communication in the matter will be entertained.


(b)Any deviation found in Data/Details/Documents between on line offer (e-tendering) and physically submitted documents (Tender document fee, EMD, Vender Registration, Technical and commercial documents etc.) of bidder, offer of the same bidder will not be considered and no any further communication in the matter will be entertained.


Further bidders are requested to submit price – bid (Schedule – B) and Annexure-13 on-line only and not to submit the price bid and Annexure-13 in physical form. This is mandatory. If price bid and Annexure-13 is submitted in physical form, same will not be opened and only on -line submitted price bid and Annexure-13 will be considered for evaluation.


Bidders are requested to submit details of Annexure-13 in online in technical stage and this is mandatory. In case of on line Annexure-13, if bidder does not provide the details of prices in case of non confirmation of part [A] and /or non acceptance of part [C] of Annexure-13, the bid shall be rejected out rightly, despite the bidder is technically qualified & in such case price bid shall not be opened. No further correspondence in this regard will be entertained.


(c)   It is mandatory for all the bidders to submit their tender documents by both forms viz. on-line (e-tendering) and physically in schedule time. If tender documents submitted in only any one form, say either by on line or physically, in that case the same tender will not be considered.

(d)   Invitation of Tender:

The tender is invited on behalf of UGVCL/MGVCL/DGVCL & PGVCL. After finalization of tender LOI/Master LOA shall be issued by UGVCL and LOA/specific purchase order shall be issued by respective DISCOM for allocated quantities and specified rates. The bank guarantee towards execution of contract (supply period) must be invariably submitted within 15 (Fifteen) days from the date of issue of Letter of Acceptance (LOA) by respective DISCOM. After submission of bank guarantee towards execution of contract (supply period) and execution of agreement within stipulated time period to the respective DISCOM, specific purchase order shall be issued by respective DISCOM for allocated quantities and specified rates and required delivery period for their DISCOM. Bidders will have to abide all the terms & conditions of the master LOA/LOI placed by UGVCL and final LOA and purchase order placed by respective DISCOM.

Note:- Bidders should be in touch with websites https://ugvcl.nprocure.com & www.ugvcl.com for information regarding revision/corrigendum/Amendment in tender till due date of online submission and thereafter. No separate information shall be sent in this regards and also not publish in newspaper.


Any technical questions , information & clarification that may be required pertaining to this inquiry should be referred  to Chief Engineer (P&P) ,Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Ltd. Regd. & Corporate Office , Visnagar Road Mehsana -384001

UGVCL reserves the right to reject any OR all tenders without assigning any reasons thereof. 



                                                                                        Chief Engineer (P&P)

                                                                                        UGVCL: RO: Mehsana


Download Tender Documents in (PDF Format) which consists of:


F Schedule ‘A’

F Technical Specifications & GTP

F Commercial Terms & Conditions

F Drawing

F Purchase Agreement

F Check list





In case bidder needs any clarification or if training required for participating in online tender, they can contact the following office:


(n) Procure Cell


(n) Code solutions-A division of GNFC Ltd.,


403, GNFC Info tower, S.G. Road, Bodakdev

Ahmedabad – 380054 (Gujarat)

Toll Free: 1-800-233-1010 (Ext. 501, 512,516, 517, 525)

Phone No. 079-26857315 / 316 / 317

Fax: 079-26857321 / 40007533

Email: nproucre@gnvfc.net

Other terms & conditions are as per tender documents

 To view the PDF file please use Acrobat Reader software which can be downloaded from Adobe website.

 For Download Tender Please Click on Below Links :


2 Schedule B_WDD.pdf
3 WDD_Commercial Terms and Conditions.pdf
4 WDD_Technical Specfications.pdf
5 Amendment-1 for Watch Dog Device
6 Revised Schedule- B for WDD
7 Consortium Format 1
8 Consortium Format 2